Board Design Academy presents:  1-Day Seminar

  POWER INTEGRITY for new VRM Models

by Steven Sandler   Picotest  USA

    NOVEMBER 2017

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New Ways to VRM Modelling & Decoupling

Achieve reliable system performance – Speed up design cycles – Reduce cost

It seems that almost all circuits today include high speed devices including FPGA’s, and data transceivers.  Meeting the power quality requirements of these devices is a major challenge.  Continuously increasing edge speeds, decreasing rail voltages decrease and shorter design cycles increase the challenges.  Multilayer circuit boards require are expensive and the fabrication cycle is long, so we need to minimize the number of printed circuit board revisions.  There are so many voltage regulators to choose from, how do we either select one or design one, especially when so few component details are provided by the manufacturers?

This VRM modeling and decoupling seminar addresses all of these issues in four sections

Hands on Training with Bode 100 VNAs, cables and demo boards.

Target Audience
Experienced Digital & Analog  electronics engineers and anybody concerned about demanding power supply for cores, voltage references, clocks, signal chains and ADCs


 – Leonardo Hotel, Haifa  / Daniel Hotel, Herzeliya   /  

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The Instructor:

   Steve Sandler has been involved with power system engineering for nearly 40 years. Steve is the founder of, a company specializing in power integrity solutions including measurement products, services and training. He frequently lectures and leads workshops internationally on the topics of power, PDN and distributed systems.

Steve is also the founder of AEi Systems, a well-established leader in worst case circuit analysis and troubleshooting of satellite and other high reliability systems

The Book: 

 Steve Sandler frequently writes articles and books related to power supply and PDN performance and his latest book, Power Integrity: Measuring, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Power-Related Parameters in Electronics Systems was published by McGraw-Hill in 2014.  He's the most recipient of the  ACE 2015 Jim Williams Contributor of the Year ACE Award for his outstanding and continuing contributions to the engineering industry and knowledge sharing.

Other Books: SMPS Simulation with SPICE 3   *SPICE Circuit Handbook   *Switch-Mode Power Supply Simulation

  • Power Integrity Basics

    Power rail impedance resonances can result in noisy power planes that fail to meet the strict dynamic regulation requirements of today’s high speed circuits.  One resonance is bad and multiple resonances can result in rogue waves.  Some basic transmission line theory how the VRM and the system interact with each other and how we can prevent these disastrous results.

    Capacitor measurement and modeling

    Accurate capacitor models, both with and without the mounts are essential for both SPICE simulation or EM simulation and the  models are different.  With a small modification of a standard VNA measurement we can make perfect measurements and models every time

    VRM characteristics and extracting an accurate measurement based model

    Much of what we need to know about the VRM is not published.  Fortunately a few simple measurements are all we need to  ’ create an accurate large signal and small signal model.  This model can provide AC, DC, Transient and even Harmonic Balance simulation of single phase and polyphase VRM’s of voltage mode and current model VRM